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1. Inflation is the erosion of your buying power, and one of the most important reasons to invest your money. Inflation generally doubles the cost of goods every 25 years. With that in mind your overall objective is to invest for:
2. Assume that you have a 10+ year time horizon before you need to access your investment account and the stock market dives 25% over the course of a few months. How do you react:
3. Your personal belief is that a “bear” market begins when the stock market declines (from its previous high) by:
4. A friend shares “an opportunity of a lifetime” to invest in a start-up that a respected colleague has spent the last 10 years grooming. The business hopes to have a 20X return on investment. After thorough research and sensing some possibility you decide to:
5. Below are six hypothetical portfolios, each showing the expected best and worst-case scenario, which do you feel most comfortable with:
6. You just learned that you unexpectedly inherited $100,000; you decide to:
Which of these is a prime number?

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