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As an independent fee only Registered Investment Advisor, by law we must serve as a fiduciary - meaning we will not just offer investments that are suitable for your situation, but one that is the absolute best fit. In other words, your portfolio is customized to your needs, goals and risk tolerance. We have no proprietary products, "preferred" funds, or sales goals: our loyalty starts and ends with you.

At the foundation of every successful person is a well laid out plan. Each client engagement begins with a thorough discussion around your goals and objectives. We are not unique in that we adhere to the time tested "modern portfolio theory", in other words we don't chase returns, follow the latest trends, or utilize specialized products just to look different. But, we are different in that we will analyze your cash flow, debt, asset liability exposure, insurance needs, estate plan and tax situation carefully before agreeing to manage your money . Your risk tolerance, independent of current events or market conditions, is assessed to craft a personalized portfolio that will help you accomplish your goals. 

Once we agree to your investment policy statement, Syntropy will assist in transferring your accounts (Syntropy never takes custody of your assets, they are held directly at Charles Schwab & Co.) and position the portfolio in a risk and tax sensitive manner. For after tax accounts the implementation will be customized based on embedded gains to minimize the tax impact. Syntropy then takes the day to day management responsibilities to ensure your money is always optimally managed. 

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